Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23

It's another day. I am now almost finished with my coffee and I had a great time with the Lord this morning. My time with him has been good the last few days but really I feel closer to him when family and friends are here. Travis was here yesterday, Cynthia, Mike, Faustine and Jude were here, Jerry Wind stopped in, Susan came and got tomatoes, Larry and Loren were here for a meeting, this morning Cynthia and Mary are coming and a neighbor stopped. I am beginning to think that people actually were not so attracted to Gail or I but it may be the white house with the green trim!!! A couple of funnies: Loren said that when his brother-in-law's wife died he was busy in the evenings but the days were long so he set up a schedule of Monday wash clothes, Tuesday shop etc. and then he commented that he had no idea it was so much work to care for him! Also I laughed as Jerry arrived at about 9:15 and 20 minutes later at 10:20 he left. I may have to get Jerry a new watch!!!!

Travis and I may take down, not apart, the 18000 piece puzzle today. I think we have about 1500 pieces done. I just do not know what to do with it. We put so many hours into it and Gail just LOVED it but it takes up so much space that I need right now. We'll see.

I am ashamed. I have forgotten to call my sister Joan who is still in town. I want to have dinner or lunch with her before she leaves so I must remember today.

I think I forgot to say that Aaron called. He put Leo on the phone and when I asked if he is having a brother or sister he said "girl"!!!!

I get sad when the grand children come. Gail just loved them so much and most of them will not remember grandma but I do know she helped form them. I have been too busy to try and bake cookies but the cookies jars were washed yesterday and they now have store cookies in them and I also filled the special bowl in the cabinet with Regina taffy. I forgot to tell you that we started a sad new chapter 2 nights ago. We had a great meal that needed garlic bread so I went uptown and bought frozen bread. We all know that Gail always mashed real garlic, mixed it with real butter and of course her bread was the best. I begin to realize that I will miss more than her smile, her touch and her ever joyful presence.

Cards continue to come in and people continue to say how much they will miss Gail's smile, her love and her ability to make them feel special. More than ever I have come to realize that it is not the people at the front who make the world go around but it is the people who are the rock solid foundation that our world is built on. They are the rock where often the people we see or think about most may be the sand. I think Gail was granite. Of course we need all kinds. I do think we need more people who talk less and do more. As I say that I need to do some changing.

I should go. The morning light is beginning to show and I like light much better than darkness. As I sit blogging in my underwear perhaps I need to put my pants on before I open the shades!!

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Anonymous said...


We'll make sure the grandkids always know who their Grandma Gail was: what she did for them and how much she loved them. No worries there!

Thanks again for the daily reflection.

with love & blessings,