Sunday, September 6, 2009


Gail did not sleep as much as she needed to last night. She was up at 3 and at the door when I arrived home at 6:15 this morning. Much of the morning consisted of foot rubs which allowed her to catch a half hour nap. Cynthia, who stayed over night, stayed until 10 and about 9 John/Mary and family dropped in and stayed for about 45 minutes. Aaron/Amy and Leo are in town so we look forward to seeing them for a bit again tomorrow.

Travis and I only have 2 more nights of the fair work left which is reallllllly nice. Those 12 hr shifts get long long long after doing them for 11 straight nights! I am looking forward to Tu AM when we will be finished and I will be home again 24/7. It does seem with the fair and camp I have been gone too much but as long as Gail is in good hands it has made it somewhat OK.

Have a great week.

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