Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New day same thing!!

Yesterday was not a great day! I kind of spun my wheels, was tired and found myself walking around the house aimlessly. I remembered when Gail would be on a retreat or away for some other reason for a couple of days. I would say to myself that I was going to get a lot done but....... I would have the same kind of day then as yesterday. Do you think it could be because I used the last of my "praying for you blend" french press coffee? If that is the case I will fix it easily by ordering a whole case of it from Charlene. No, I do realize that is not the case. It just is what used to happen when Gail was living, but away, I just acted like I was kind of lost. I perked up a bit this morning as I was reading the paper and the story was of President Bush. He was asked if he wanted to do this or that and his answer was no no I am happy and I am ready for the next chapter in my life. You may read that I am happy and say no. But here is the deal. I have always been a happy person. I probably should not admit it so much but I have tears many times a day but when I am able to not think of Gail I actually sing some times. So I can say I am happy and I certainly can say I am at least trying to get ready for the next chapter of my life. My gosh I think I could have maybe 20+ years in my wood shop before I need to be concerned about my fingers etc.

I have a dumpster coming today. Half of it will be filled from my stuff in the garage and half from Gail's stuff in the house. Gail was so frugal and saving that she would put anyone else to shame. She was so generous but yet so very frugal. You may not know this but she almost would refuse to spend any money on herself and for that reason I purchased all of her clothes. I recycled boxes from upstairs that came into the house when my dad gave our kids a toy rabbit. He died 12 years ago but I am sure Gail had something in mind for that box. I just wonder if God has projects in heaven. If he does he certainly has a leader of the pack with Gail now.

I have spent much time thinking about the wake and funeral. It was amazing how many people came to say how much they loved Gail. Dee, Mary Lou and Kathy came from school, that was nice. Neighbors, paper route people, friends, far away family, community and the list goes on and on. Everyone said Gail treated them like a special friend--wow.

Got to go now as there is much to do!!

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