Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday September 10 7:45 AM

Good morning
Gail had a good night's rest. Dr. Zenker came and spent time with us last night. She ordered a pain patch which now gives Gail slower but 24/7 pain relief. Aaron/Amy returned to Madison yesterday, Travis, John, Mary Cynthia and Mike continue to spend much time here which, for me is so so so nice. Gail actually was able to walk, with help, to the bathroom to brush her teeth. How one's life can change when that activity is an "up" for the day!! We had a ham meal delivered yesterday so we ate well.

I would say that yesterday Gail held her own compared to the day before. After several days of change "maintaining" was a great thing. Actually she ate some ham and fruit and that was a first since Monday so thank you Lord.

I repeat that we are daily living in reality and dealing with everything from pain, body functions, details of "after life" but yet we have not given up on our mighty and loving God. He is the healer and we do know people who God has touched in their darkest hour and healed so we keep the hope, walk the walk and believe that miracles can and do happen. Lord, come come come and heal Gail. Please pray for Gail and with us so that Gail may be healed and restored to normal life which has always included a selfless heart and an infectious smile.

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Anonymous said...

Carmen and Gail,
Mark is coming down to the cities today. I know you have support from your family and the community, but if I can do anything I would love to help. Mary