Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday 7:00 AM

Gail had a very peaceful night. As I write she is still sleeping. She got up twice to go to the bathroom but went right back to sleep again. We have upped her meds for anxiety a bit and that has helped. Also started a liquid IB for pain.

Aaron arrived last night about 8 and will be with us until Sunday. He and Cynthia slept here last night to help out. I slept by Gail's bed as the night before she had gotten up and wandered off so we did not want that to happen and it just seemed that sleeping by her was better than putting the bed rails on which can give a person the feeling of being enclosed. It is interesting how different people can or like to do different things. Everyone can help mother in any way but as time goes on it becomes clear that some things are easier or more difficult for each person to do. God certainly made us in a most unusual manner and I think that is what makes life so interesting.

Pray for healing, pray for peace and pray for family. So far family has been together and on the same page. I know that with serious illness that can be very trying but so far God's peace and love have been so present, pray that continues. If you were to peek in you would not know who are sons and daughters by birth and who are sons and daughters by marriage. Thank you Lord.

People of Praise is having their annual fall celebration today with fun, games and a Lord's Day picnic. I hope the weather holds nice and everyone attending has a grand time. We will be there in thought.


Thomas said...

We at the celebration today will indeed have a grand time but simmered a bit by your absence. Yet we rejoice at the sane time knowing that the People of Praise in ALL of it's branches is richer and fuller because of Carmen and Gail Lee.

tom caneff

Laurie said...

Carmen and Gail'
You will be with us in not only thought but also spirit. We carry your burdens and rejoicings with us as part of His body. We love you and keep you in our prayers throughout the day.
Laurie Gapp and Family

krhrbacek said...

So hard to be so far away. We lift up each of you and through the Spirit our love and prayers are united with you all somehow. We are confident that the Lord continues to bless you and keep you. That His face shines upon you and He gives you peace.
We love you all so dearly.
Pat and Kara Hrbacek

Matt said...

You all have been in my thoughts and prayers everyday for the last few weeks. The strength of your family is a romodel to us all and very inspiring. Amanda and I are continuing to pray and ask for Gods will to be done.
Love you all very much
Matt Vernon

nadine said...

You were missed, most definitely. When one in the body suffers we all suffer. Know that we are sharing this journey with you and that you are bathed in prayer...Lord have your way in Gail and Carmen. We love you dearly.
The Reinhardts

Anonymous said...

We are intensely praying for the Lord's healing hand upon Gail. We pray for peace, comfort and hope for the entire family. It is difficult and touching to read your comments Carmen - you call us on to love deeper as you love and share openly. Your family is a light and a wonderful example of Love for everyone to see.
I loved chatting, way back when, with Gail about raising boys. She is amazing. We Love you.
Jeff, Kathy, Matthew, Joe and William Gleason