Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another 14th

No picture and perhaps not much in words either.  Another 14, this means that our Gail has been gone 9 months.  I drove to the cementry for a short time.  I think we should be close to monument time but not sure about that.  Today was another rainy day with clouds all day and a bit dreary.  There has been very very little sun in the last week and with all the rain many lawns are getting a good crop of mushrumes.  It could be tempting to complain but we have been fairly dry for some time so the rain is welcome.
Kind of a quiet day.  Cynthia and kids came for a bit, camp meeting tonight and some work in the garage. 
I have miss placed my calendar and have spent many hours looking in nooks and behind things.  I know if I go out and buy a new one it will show up but don't know how long I can wait.  very frustrating.
I intended to get to bed early but could not stop looking but think I am too tired to write, think or stay awake.

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