Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The days fly by

Here it is already late June.  It seems one blinks their eyes and another week or month is gone. 
Monday was a day of little work and much rest.  I could not believe it but early afternoon I thought I would close my eyes and 4 hours later I got up.  I have been biking every day but not that much. 
Actually the biking has been great.  Monday I was able to get on the bike path by 6:15 AM and in those hours it is cool, quiet and so peaceful.  For sure that is a great time to ride.

I am thinking the monument will be up this week.  Of course there are no promises but it should happen.
I realized yesterday that I have not faced up to John/Mary leaving.  I drove past their house and their big van was in front.  I think they are getting ready to go to SB for meetings etc.  BIG time downer!!!  It was then that it came to me they are really going, when I pass the house in 6 weeks no Henry, no Liam and no Audrey.  Of course I knew that a couple of weeks ago but for some reason yesterday it stared me in the face.  I suppose I needed to have that happen sometime so better now than later.  I have to remind myself, God is good.

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