Sunday, June 27, 2010

A new day brings new things

After many down down days I had an up day and it was so good for a change.  Actually the day started yesterday as I was out looking at bike carriers the local grocery store called to say that my calendar which was lost for 2 weeks was in their lost and found.  It was great to get it back.  I actually do not use it all the time but of course if you don't have it you miss it.  Also it had a credit card in it and and large donation check which was nice to get back. 
Today was a good day.  I did an 18 mile bike ride which was hot but nice but the really big thing was only by the grace of God was I able to work in the sun room all afternoon and now it is clear!!  It almost seems like a heavenly place.  It is so nice to have it clear.  The difficult part was much was in the room and many many many memories were in boxes, bags etc.  I lost it when a picture of Gail and I showed up with our grand children in June of 08.  At that time it was grandma, grandpa, Henry, Liam, Leo and Faustina was just a month old.  I compared that with last Sunday it was only grandpa with Henry, Liam, Leo, Faustina, Audrey, Jude and Ruby Gail.  Time certainly has a way of changing family.  I am thankful for what God has given me in those wonderful grand children but I do so so miss Gail in that.  She loved each one of them more than anything and they in turn loved grandma.
I am hopeful of getting a ride in tomorrow, getting many bags out for the recycle and getting some work done at John/Mary's.  I hope and pray that the upper of today will carry over into tomorrow, the week and for a long time. 
I do have to prepare for our family camping trip which will be Friday-

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