Thursday, June 10, 2010

Three cheers

Liam, Audrey and Faustina seem to be cheering for something.  They sure like the tramp and those little girls like their big cousins
Today was busy.  We had meditations at 6:00, then Jerry W and I went out for breakfast.  As that was happening John called and asked if I wanted to drive with him to Mahnomen for a funeral of a co-worker.  I said I was free so I picked him up at 9:00 from school and we drove the 275 miles and arrived by 1:45.  We got back at about 8:00.
Funerals continue to be not the best event for me to go to.  Today 2 grandsons, about ages 8 and 10 gave a really cute honoring of their grandma.  I could not help but wish Gail could have lived long enough for some of her grand children to say how much they loved her.  It was one of those moments that flood your memory, test your faith and show your emotions. 
It was a good time with John as we drove and visited for about 9 hours.  At one time John asked me if I thought of Gail less now.  As I reflected I had to say I maybe miss her more often but not for the long long periods of time.  The more time passes the more I realize that it is not much fun traveling alone, it is not so great doing yard work alone, eating alone is for the birds, sleeping alone is boring, making decision alone is hard, and I guess to sum it up being alone in a world where one used to be "two" is just a big big adjustment that is not fun to make.  There, I have stated my pity party items and will attempt to move on!
Actually that is perhaps enough for tonight.

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That is not pity, that is Love shared and shared with others (us).