Friday, June 4, 2010

A day of memories

I arrived in Madison about 5:30 this afternoon.  I decided to take the I90 way as Gail just loved that drive.  It turned out to be OK but perhaps not a good decision.  Way too many memories and of course the tears to go along with them. 
I was able to get myself distracted to some degree with dreams of future road trips, bike trips and some mind games of what should I do.  I actually got a bit excited when I thought about going on some road trip with my bike on the back.  However when I looked at today and the time it took to drive to Madison and then thought about driving a long way alone I thought I had better think and pray this through before I would go on a long trip by myself. 
It is so much fun to see Aaron, Amy, Leo and Ruby Gail.  Tomorrow we will go to the capital and they will have cows on the lawn.  That should be fun.  Wouldn't it be fun if grandpa got to show Leo how to milk a cow.  Don't think that will happen but who knows. 
This is of course a guy thing but I wanted to see what kind of mileage I would get with my car on the highway so filled it up on the way out, used the cruise mostly on 67-69 MPH and when I got close to Madison I filled up and got 36 MPG.  I was very happy with that.  Much better than 24 or 25 so will see what happens on the way back on Sunday.  I am guessing it will be somewhat less. 
The next 2 days should be fun.  I am sure anyone would know that my heart is so empty without my Gail here to enjoy and love those grandkids but I will do OK and I know I will be able to enjoy the time.
I am going to try to get to bed early tonight and see if I can go to sleep. 

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