Thursday, June 17, 2010

God, Your will not mine

The news in family is not colorful but rather black and white for me.  John has worked at Trinity School in the Twin Cities for maybe 15 years or so.  During that time he has made the school much better by his service and by using his many talents and gifts to teach, coach and mentor many young people.  In fact he has done such a wonderful job that other places want and need him.  Trinity has 3 campuses: Twin Cities, Washington DC and South Bend IN.  Last week he was offered the position of "head of school" in South Bend.  He and Mary did such a wonderful job of praying, seeking advice, talking to many people but really mostly asking our Lord if he needed them to serve him in South Bend and the answer was YES.  In the next six weeks or so they will plan, pack, and then travel to South Bend where they will be members of People of Praise there and John will serve at Trinity there. 
Thirty three years ago Gail and I went through the same kind of process and that led us to St. Paul.  We did not move for job but rather for Christian Community but the process was the same.  With that in mind I could only say to them well done and good work but my heart is so heavy as John, Mary, Henry, Liam and Audrey are so a part of my everyday life that I can not really imagine life without them near BUT God will lead, he will make all things for the good and some how, some way I will be OK. 
Perhaps enough said for one day. 

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