Saturday, June 26, 2010


Just a quick note.  The day has been so muggy a person sweats just going outside.  It was a slow day for me.  I went and looked different bike carriers, I saw John/Jeanette Krause, Cynthia/Mike were here to see the USA go down to a 2-1 defeat in soccer, I went to Menards to look at some lumber for a project and I got the lawn mowed.  With all the rain we have been getting I have mowed the lawn at least twice a week and it does look pretty nice.  I need to get cages around the tomatoes soon as they are starting to grow.
I need class 101 in bed making.  I washed the bedding on the 2 beds, hung things out on the line and then took it in so that I could make the beds.  I finished and they look OK but my I do not think I know how to do it correctly.  Another example of a guy not really knowing how wonderful, skilled and hard working his spouse is until he is forced to do many of the things he never did, never wanted to do and now of course he is pretty bad at doing some of those things!!
I said a quick note and true to my word that is it.

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