Monday, June 14, 2010

A disconnect

Sorry, not a great picture but wanted to show ONE rose bush and how it is compared to Liam.  I would say that bush has more than it's share of flowers.
The disconnect is the picture and what I will write tonight.  As I looked at the calendar I made for myself today I noticed I had written on it that three years ago today was my last day of teaching.  As I walked out of Highland alone that day little did I know the many many changes I would experience in the next three years.  Here are some and in the order they occurred
  • July 1st, 2007 we deliver our last paper after 18 years of Gail and I doing it and 28 years in the family
  • August/September Gail and I work at the state fair for the first time and have a ball
  • September-October of 2007 we roam all over the Maritime proviences and the New England states cooking over an open fire and sleeping in the back of our Hilton Plugger Pickup and we actually think we have discovered heaven on earth.
  • January of 2008 we spend 3 weeks in Hawaii and have a wonderful time
  • May 20, 2008 we welcome Faustina Adkins into our family as our first grand daughter.
  • August/September of 2008 we work our second year of the fair and do a 6:00 PM-6:00 AM shift and say this is great fun
  • Things are good, Gail feels the best in many years and we look forward to growing old together and doing some of the many projects that have waited for YEARS
  • October 13 2008 Audrey Lee, a second grand daughter and makes the score males 3 , females 2
  • October of 2008 we put the finishing touches of 1100 shakes on the house and we say "well done"
  • November of 2008 we embark on an exercise and eating plan that is meant to make us slim, trim, attractive and able to do more work!!!   Through January of 2009 we are so proud and excited that we are finally doing something for our health and the weight, especially Gail, seems to be coming off so easily.
  • End of January 2009 our world comes tumbling down.  Gail's cancer is back in several places and the outlook is grim at best.  We involve all our energy, all our resolve, all our resources into Gail regaining her health.  
  • February-April of 2009.  Gail feels well, we are doing everything from wheat grass juice to green smoothies and things look good.
  • May 20 of 2009--Gail gets an unexpected cold and her strength and energy slip dramatically.  
  • May  20-August 31 of 2009 Gail's health is down, then almost up to normal, down and not quite up again, down again and up some but you get the picture.  We and 100's storm the heavens for healing but we always say, "Lord your plan not ours"
  • Jude Adkins arrives and ups the score males 4  females 2
  • September 1-September 13 2009 Gail's strength and resolve weaken and God's beckoning seems to be at hand.  At this time Gail continues to look at life through bright, steady eyes that are full of love and life but her actions tell us in quiet ways that the Lord is calling her home soon. 
  • September 8 2009 hurried calls are made to Hospice and their services are so welcome, so needed and Gail feels their nurse is an angel.
  • September 14 2009  The heavenly gates are opened wide, Gail is ushered in to God's great heaven and my life, the children's life and many others are changed forever.  Our Gail is gone to be with her father, never to grace us with her laughter, her smile or her selfless demeanor.
  • February 1  2010 Ruby Gail arrives and now the score females 3 males 4 (that means they are even)
That was 9 months ago.  I could perhaps write a book on these last months.  There have been ups (a few), downs (a lot) and changes that seem to never end in their breathe, their scope and their effect on me.  I know that the children have experienced in their own way much of the same.  We are so happy for the memories, so sad for her physical absence and so uncertain of what lies ahead.  All I know at this time is that God is in charge, he leads the way and I will try to follow where ever that may lead.
The moral of my sharing is what lies ahead is never certain.  The journey of life may take many and sudden turns and we should always be thankful, love others and serve our God with all we have.

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