Saturday, June 12, 2010

Look a busy

Here it is Saturday night and the time has just gone by so so fast.  Here are two roses from my rose bushes.  With the rain drops they are so beautiful.  They will be put on Gail's grave tomorrow.
I stayed over night at John/Mary's with Audrey, Henry and Liam last night.  Mom and Dad are away for the weekend.  I found out that Audrey is the most stubborn, according to the boys, and Liam wanted to know why mice can run so fast and they have such short legs??  Of course this was a question asked about 30 minutes after he was in bed!!
Much happened today with niece Rocky and husband in town, Liam with grandpa, folks over to watch the World Cup and the list goes on and on. 
We continue to get rainy weather.  Not too much today but a drizzle most of the day.  Everything looks like a painting out of a book with the greenery, the flowers and trees.  For sure God has a green thumb. 
I have only taken in 1 HS open house and I don't know about tomorrow.  The weather has not been great, I have been busy and it just seems that time is short.
Liam will be here until about 5 tomorrow and then mom and dad will be home.  Hope they have a great time.
Sleep is beckoning so will sign off.

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Anonymous said...

Those beautiful pictures of your flowers remind me of dad's flower pictures only yours are even better.
Liam asks typical boy questions, I must have been about that age when I asked dad why rabbits have such short legs in the front and such long legs in the back. Dad told me it was so that could run up hill faster. The answer was good enough for me. You didn't say what your answer was.