Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Big Difference

You certainly can tell the difference in six months.  Snow/green grass and a new Ruby Gail.  The current picture was taken Father's Day with everyone there.
Wow today is hot.  I wanted to get some things done so worked outside some of the time. I mowed the lawn, watered flowers, dug up some weeds, fixed a hose and then started to move some dirt that must be moved.  I got so hot sweaty and tired I decided to take a break and then found out that it was 94!!  I decided it was time for a lone break
I looked back at my blog 1 year ago today and I said, "Our Gail almost looks like our Gail of old minus 35 pounds". 
I recieved a call for the monument company and they said one piece of granite was not what they liked so they sent it back.  They were promiesed the new piece would come in about 2 weeks.  So a bit longer we must wait.
Camp is creeping up quite fast so got to get some work done on a daily bases. 
I got my bike ride in early this morning when it was cool. I did not drive but rather today just biked from home. 
I think I am thinking a lot of John/Mary moving and the fact that they will be 500 miles away is slowly becoming more and more real.  Don't like to think of that but I guess life does go on no matter what happens.
There is a People of Praise meeting tonight so best close things up outside in the hot sun, relax a bit and wash some or rather all of the sweat off before I leave.

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