Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This will be short. 
I did some camp work today and will work on it tomorrow again.  Also stopped at Larry/Jeri B as they treated me to lunch and then Larry and I talked for some time. 
The Winds came over for dinner and grilled kabobs (sp).  Cynthia did a great job in getting them ready and I thought they were very good. 
As I came home this afternoon Faustina had been here and when I walked upstairs there was a car on each step all the way to the top, how funny is that,
It is so late as I took Cynthia's turn at prayer in the church from midnight to 1:00 AM.  I did get tired at the end and thought what happens if the 1-2 AM person doesn't come.  I then read if someone doesn't show you should call the next person after that but stay until someone comes!!!!  At 1:01 the next person came, whew
I need to get some sleep as I have some routine lab work scheduled at the clinic at 7:30 AM so no go to sleep--no get up so best give sleep a try.

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