Monday, June 7, 2010

I lost!!

It was a bummer to end all bummers.  When all the votes were counted Wallace won in a landslide.  Good to my word I purchased him a first class bone as you can see and I indulged in a Nathan hot dog with ketchup on a dry bun.  I was not happy.  I felt from the start that any time--man should win over dog.  I mean even if the voting is tainted should not man vote for man instead of dog??  I don't understand but I am feeling really low, really unhappy and for sure like I have gone to the dogs.  I almost was wishing I would have asked people to vote for the best looking but I may have lost that too and then I would perhaps have done something desperate..
The blog has been down for almost 24 hours so I have not been able to post anything.  For the next couple of days or so we will see Ruby Gail as it was her weekend.  Will add some pictures of Leo and mom and dad as well.
Tomorrow is our annual fund rasier for camp, our taco meal at River Ridge.  I am so excited to see how much money we can take in for the Gail Lee Servant Camp Fund.  I hope a lot.  By the way ALL are invited.  Serving is from 6:00-7:00 with the meal free but you are encouraged to make a HUGE donation to camp!!!!!

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Allen said...

Carmen, you are so funny. Who took the picture? Debbie