Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A success

I spent about 8 hours at River Ridge today preparing for and doing our annual fund raiser taco dinner for camp.  It was a rousing success.  We served 24 pounds of tomatoes, 20 pounds of cheese, 15 pounds of lettuce, about 70 pounds of taco meat on 650 taco shells. We ran out of shells and there was enough meat but not 1 spoonful was left over.   In all we took in over $4000 for the night which included 2 checks that came in the mail.  Our kids at camp will benefit so much and it will be great.  A huge huge thank you to all the friends of camp who are so generous with their money.  To top it off it seemed that everyone just had a wonderful time while they donated their money and ate food.  Of course there were our faithful servants who help each year and make me believe that they have a great time cooking, preparing, dicing, and putting items in 1500 2 oz cups so that people can go through the line very fast.  I was too emotionally exhausted and too physically tired to take in the praise, worship and program at 7:15 but it looked like everyone was enjoying that too.
So that is finished and now I need to look at the number of campers and hope that they are not down too much.  That will happen shortly.  Also much work to be done with camp but when one is doing God's work and building his kingdom and serving our younger brothers and sisters how much more could one ask.  Bring it on Lord and use me and everyone more and more to build your heaven here on earth.
The day was very good but I would have to say that the tears came, the absence of Gail was felt so much and these times are perhaps healing but in the process it is difficult, painful and something I wish I need not go through but what can I say, it is and it will be for some time. I am thankful for God who still seems to want to use me at camp, I am thankful for the business that camp creates in my life and I am so so thankful for the sisters and brothers in Christ and family who love me and support me in spite of my many faults.  Many times I ask God if he could just make me perfect for one day, I don't think that is asking too much.  Well maybe I would settle for being near perfect for one day or maybe I should just settle for God's continuing love and forgiveness.
I took 2 Advil PM and am thinking I will try to sleep past 6:00 tomorrow.

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