Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Dave

Today is brother Dave's birthday.  He sure has proven that he is one of the shining stars of the class of 1962.  Have a great day Dave.
I continue to get my daily bike rides in.  I am finally learning how to ride a bike I think in the correct way.  Today I rode up to Summit, headed east and rode to the golden horses on the capital.  When I got home it showed I had ridden almost 13 miles but my legs felt like it had been 50 miles.  Oh my so far to go before I am in a little bit of biking shape.
I need to sit down this morning and start a list of things to do before we leave Friday.  It seems like it should be an easy task but it kind of scares me.
I would like to get things done so that I could take half a day or so and go on a longer bike ride before the camping trip but do not know if that will happen.
I think my vacuum died yesterday.  I thought I knew what was wrong but I played the vacuum doctor for about an hour and no luck.  I tried mouth to brush resuscitation but even that did not help.  I know for some who read this blog you just wiped your mouth as if it was full of dust!!
I am thinking I may get a lighter one for less money than my old one as I don't really have that much to vacuum.
Last night was great.  I left all the 6 windows open in the sun room and this morning the outside temp was 56 so the upstairs was so cool and comfortable.  In the past I could not have gotten to the windows as there was stuff all over the floor but now no problem and that is nice.
I can not find my book for my dutch oven so am not sure what I am going to do.  I did go on line to look for some recipes but not too much there unless I want to buy a book which I do not.
I think my french press coffee is almost gone so will close, get downstairs and see if I can genrat

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