Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 6

Here is a picture of Aaron/Amy and family as they had  Ruby Gail baptismed June 6th.
We had a picture perfect weather day today.  The grass, trees and everything are so green, so lush for this time of year.  It as been so nice yesterday afternoon and today to have sunshine.
Not much today.  Some camp work done, men's group here and a short phone call to Aaron. 
I am not sure what is happening this weekend.  I think I am scheduled to work at the fair grounds but have not heard so must call tomorrow. 
I am kind of out of words tonight.  I did drive out to Resurrection today for a short time.  I think I will call tomorrow to see if they are working on the monument.  I felt it may be in by this time so I am hoping any day.  I am thinking I should bring out some weed killer etc to the grave site to make it look nicer.  I am finding more all the time that Resurrection is a peaceful place to sit, think and pray. 
I can not believe it is so late. 

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