Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another camping picture

This was taken at a camp site that was closed for the season in New Brunswick.  Each day I would set up the tripod and take a picture of Gail and I in our campsite. 
Kind of a busy day.  I went to the morning of reflections in the AM, that was good.  It was for men only and it focused on men and how they can/should live out their christian life.  One of the themes was that much of what one would call church or religious life today is aimed at women.  I do agree with that.  It is a long story and I can not go into it here but I would say that part of one of the talks was about prayer and what was said actually put some legitimacy to my prayer times.  I will not explain but it was said that a good way for men to pray would be the 3 Ps.  Ponder, plan and pursue.  I like that.
After the AM Will D invited me to his house in Minneapolis for lunch and he wanted to talk about some wood working project.  That was fun and the lunch was good.  Back home Faustina came for a bit tonight and she is fun.  She just says everything.  Of course I can not understand much of what she is saying but her tone and inflection is just like an adult.
Also got a call from Aaron.  All is well with them and with Ruby Gail. I was surprised but they are coming this way in late March.
I also finished my taxes in about 45 minutes and actually filed the federal by e-file.  That is nice to have it finished.  I do need to do something as for 2010 I will have to file as a single and I suppose my taxes will go up so I should have more withholding from my retirement check. 
Lastly it seems that there is ALWAYS something to do.  It is dishes, pick up things, wash something, put something away, make something and the list never never ends.  I am not complaining, just stating a fact that is new to me and somewhat surprising.

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