Saturday, February 20, 2010


Not a lot to say.  I am with Aaron/Amy/Leo and Ruby.  Ruby is a cutie and really very good.  Leo is of course just super and loves to play and read books.  He and grandpa played in the basement this morning for at least an hour.  He talks a mile a minute and has so many ideas it is great. 
There was a light snow here last night and today and they are saying that starting Sunday night through Monday they could get up to 9 inches so I think I made the trip here at a good time. 
I think I should have good traveling tomorrow.  Coming down the driving was perfect.  Sunny, warm and the roads were perfect.
Will have many pictures to put on of Ruby when I get back. 
As anybody could guess it is somewhat lonely and subdued without our wonderful Grandma and my beloved Gail.  However with each passing event, by that I mean trip or whatever, things seem to be falling into place in a more natural way.  I am not sure it will ever be "natural or normal" without Gail but perhaps with practice we can come close.  I have to remember to keep happy and postive as it is so easy to swing to the down and out mode which I do not want to do.  I think it is natural and OK to be there for short periods of time but if/when that happens I would perfer to be at home alone where only I can feel it's effect.  I really feel that family and for sure the grandkids need to sense and know that Grandpa is OK and fun to have around.
I will blog tomorrow when I get home.

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