Sunday, February 7, 2010

Awards galore

Here is Gail with her 4-H pins on and I would guess she made her outfit.  Her mom saved all those pins and they are in a plastic container upstairs.  Again, that smile that was so sweet.  Her brother Al has been putting old slides on computer and he sent this to me today.  I would guess she is middle high school but I do not know.
Wow, today was another of those days that one wants behind them.  I was ready to go to a community meeting and sat down at 1:00 to start a new book on losing a loved one.  The next few hours were tears, stop, tears, stop, tears, tears stop stop and it went on. I should know by now that this grieving has it's own time table and a person can not hurry it or slow it down.  I felt drained by 4:00 so I took a nap and of course I missed the meeting.  I surely have some good days or good times but days like this afternoon I just want Gail back so badly it hurts all over.  I did nothing today except read and cry and I feel like I have done more than a day of hard work. 
I need to get some dishes done and some things picked up as Don F is coming over for breakfast tomorrow and before he comes I need to get the recycling out.

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Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people were praying for you yesterday at the CM. Hugh Springer, Jr. shared a new song he wrote that had a powerful line reminding me of Gail. Bless you today.. Enjoy the snow!

Amy Root