Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What is beauty

I went back a few years for this picture.  I needed some beauty tonight.  Gail's absence is heavy.  It feels like a heavy fog over a quiet stream early in the morning on a warm summer day.  This picture lifts my spirit a bit.
I am in a bit of a planning mode.  I went to two different Home Depots tonight looking at toilet.  I also looked at possible wall covering for the 2nd floor bath that I would like to work on soon.   I also started a list of things that I think I need to do and things I think I need to buy.  I think that planning along with a quiet day just magnifies Gail's absence so much.  Thinking alone, planning alone, looking alone and projecting projects alone just is for the birds.  Of course I can do what I want, in the way that I want and spend what I want but that is not the point at all now that Gail is not here.  One of Gail's weaknesses was that she often could not tell you what she liked until she saw it which meant that often when we talked she could guess but not make up her mind.  For me that was often frustrating but I would take that NOW.
I really need to get back to writing some things down but I needed an upper and maybe just putting words down and looking at the picture has done

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