Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good bye February

I posted this picture just because once again I can see that famous Gail smile.  It just seems to be there all the time.  It had to have been the love of Jesus coming through her to all around her.
I am not sure this idea is a repeat but for some reason I have been thinking much today about how life is now different.  I have and I am sure I will for a long time think about Gail, how much her absence is in me and how empty many parts of my being are now that she is gone.  However today I have just had new life on my mind and how challenging it is, will be and has been.  Not in a complaining way but in a contemplative way, I have been thinking about how I need to change some of my thinking to accommodate this change.  An example was having the men over here on Saturday.  In the past if that were to happen Gail and I would compartmentalize things and she would do this and I would do that.  Now the WHOLE thing is me and that has been different.  It is a whole new mindset that I am not in yet.  For last Saturday I needed to think about the house being picked up, the food we would eat, purchasing that food, getting up in time to make it, cleaning up after and the list just seemed to go on and on.  Again not to complain but just that whole new things will take a lot of getting used to.  As I look towards spring I have flowers on my mind (that was mostly Gail's domain), I have the lawn in mind (that is the same), I have spring clean up and the list just seems endless.  I was thinking that maybe my "honey do list" was not so long after all!!!!   Anyway that is what was/is on mind today.  I don't think there will be any down time in the near future and that maybe is good.
March will not only come in like a lamb, it will come in like a nice little tame lamb, whoppie.

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