Monday, February 22, 2010

Leo the Biker

With his hands on the bike and his Grandma beads around his neck Leo looks the biker.  Grandpa and Leo may not be able to go for a bike ride this year but it won't be long.
Another busy day, what can I say.  Made pancakes and sausage for Henry and I this morning and then took Henry to school.  Stopped by the cemetery on the way home and talked to them about a monument.  Stopped by Nokomis store on the way home and got home in time to go out for lunch with Jerry W.  Returned home in time to get things ready for a meeting at 3:15 and now am waiting for Liam to arrive for his sleep over.  I am getting a tad concerned about the sleep overs as I know I do not make things as interesting as Grandma nor do I make pancakes as good!  The pancake recipe this morning called for 1 t of salt and I did say to myself that was a lot of salt but went ahead and followed the recipe.  They were OK but it was too much salt.  Will make a different kind tomorrow and see how they turn out.
At the Highland Grill I met a co-worker who is older than I and I had not seen for some time.  Was nice to chat for a bit with her.  At one time I did painting for her.  She and a sister in law were both celebrating their 75 birthday.
Not much new today.  Life continues to fly by at a break neck pace.  Jerry and I had a great conversation today about how life changes when one comes face to face with mortality and a person is closer to the end of times than the beginning of times.  I was saying that I plan to live a long time and I hope to live a long time but if I were to find out that I was sick and had a fairly short time to live I would have a very different attitude now than I would have had a year ago.  Different things are important and things have a different place than people in my life now.  I remember Gail and I having conversations after her first bout with cancer and we decided that if we had a short time to live we would not change our lives at all.  That is for sure the way Gail lived her last months but we did hope for a healing.  Still we would not have changed anything.  I am not satisfied with who I am, I want to be a better person but I am content with where I am, where I am going and what I am doing.  That said I expect and hope to live many many more years but when the time comes for me to meet Gail once again I will be excited.

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