Saturday, February 13, 2010

Up North

I am about ready to head up north.  I had to finish my book after men's group this morning because I want to give it to Cynthia before I leave.  I don't think I have done this before but I would very much recommend this book to everyone, for those who have lost a loved one and for those who have not.  The book is A Season of Grief by Ann Dawson.  The book is divided into 4 parts and I would say the last 2 are very very much for everyone but actually the entire book is very good.  I know it was wonderful for me to read it but I feel there is so much in it for everyone. 
As one might say, "I'm outa here!"  As I pack the sun is shining, the temp is 24 and it should be a great drive and a wonderful day.

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