Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My four young men

I may have posted this before but if I did here are my young men again. I did promise I would present the guys on equal footing with the girls.   Henry John, Liam Ansel, Leo Charles and Jude Michael.  Here are the words or phrases that come to mind when I think of these guys Henry-project man, Liam-living on the edge, Leo-loves books and Jude-smile-smile-smile. 
I continue to read the book and that is good for me.  I have done few things and that is OK for now.  The book I have been reading is about a mother who lost her son.  As I think about that I need to keep in mind that on top of losing my loved one I lost my homemaker!!!  I noticed things on top of the china cabinet and thought what am I going to do when it is time to change those things?????  God is going to have to lead because my homemaking skills go about as far as I could throw my bowling ball!!!  I do suppose that I can not leave the house decorated as it is forever?  Also, it is getting dusty and the story line goes on.  As I served dinner last night I thought to myself my kids are pretty tolerant as in my way of doing things there is not even a hint of any womenly touch!  I had to think back when I was growing up and my grandpa Sampson lived with his son Jim.  We would go visit them and to me it seemed like their house was very stark and there was not one thing in the house that would remind you of "home".  Now I was young so my memory may not be correct but I do remember grandpa's brass spitune (the thing he spit tabacco juice into).  Now I have no idea to get one of those things but the picture is in my mind!!!

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