Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is a better picture but still it is too light, don't know what happened.  It does give a better picture of who Ruby Gail is.
Have finished meditations this morning and had pancakes and sausage with Liam.  I made a new recipe and it was very good.  I think I will use that Saturday as North Summit men are coming for 9:00 breakfast.
Today is going to be a bit slow which I need right now.  I think I will get a few things done but no more company or going the rest of the day.  It seems like I have been on the go for several days so this is nice.  I started a fire this morning and will probably do that tonight as well.
Happy birthday Ryan Saunders, I think you are 23?? 
I have not a lot to say today.  It seems that perhaps my brain is just on empty right now.  I know for sure that is where my heart is.  I find my mind wandering back to Gail a lot.  IF she were here we would probably be sitting in the living room talking about the day now or maybe just doing small things around the house.  Sometimes my heart seems to tetter on the edge of home and never never land.  As it balances on the edge and I try to guess which way it will lean my emotions go between tears and laughter.  What a difference it makes which way it goes.  I am finding that now I don't have to be busy 100% of the time to have my emotions stay out of the danger zone.  Sometimes I can just sit and smile and remember the good times.  However I need to be careful as when that happens Gail often ends up in sainthood, as in perfect, and I would like to stay real!!!!   It can be crazy how time has a way of carving out the difficult times and discarding them and just perserving the good times.  I guess that may be the way God gives us a glimpse of heaven here on earth.
I need to see if the fireplace needs more wood.

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Anonymous said...

Love this picture! The look tells me she's thinking "my way or the highway Dude!" They'd better watch out for that one, she looks determined.