Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A different kind of a FIRST

No picture today.  Travis and I went to look at monuments and I didn't want to put a picture of a monument up so.
My first today was different.  I will be attending a funeral tomorrow morning.  I wrote a card and inclosed a memorial in it to be used as they wish.  After I finished and sealed it I thought wait a minute.  Last September I received several memorials in Gail's name to be given to The American Cancer Society and several other organizations as well.  Well, People of Praise has set up a Gail Lee Servant Camp Fund so I tore up my letter, wrote a new one and enclosed a check to People of Praise with a memo for Gail Lee Servant Camp Fund.  It felt different but in the end it felt good.  I am so proud of how Gail served the Lord through camp and I want to see her continue to serve Camp with this fund which will help God work amoung his young people.  If anyone is interested in giving memorials in that way:
People of Praise
601 River Ridge Parkway
Eagan, MN 55121
Memo:Gail Lee Servant Camp Fund
I am hoping and praying that as the years go by it will grow and grow and help hundreds of young people get to knew Jesus in a personal way.
My busy week continues with the funeral and 2 meetings tomorrow. 
My Ash Wednesday was fine but I am not used to fasting much lately so it was a bit difficult which is fine!

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