Sunday, February 7, 2010

Presenting Faustina Elaine, Audrey Marie, Ruby Gail

Now I would say that is the most beautiful, awesome, loveable threesome that one would ever see!!!!!!!
As you can tell grandpa is so proud of them and I know they will be the prefect young girls and young ladies as they grow.  Even tho I have not met Ruby Gail I can tell by her eyes she is a cutie and of course Audrey and Faustina are the greatest so I have my treasures (boys tomorrow!) and there is nothing else I need in this world. 
My only thought for the day is today is the super bowl and how today is so different than many super bowls in the past.  Different in that:
  • Gail is not here
  • I don't care who wins
  • There will not be 5 pounds of potatos made into FF for the boys
  • There will be no 1/4 pound burgers served by Gail
  • I may watch some but mainly to catch the ads
  • Even if I don't watch it much I do have a 37"LCD HD TV to watch it on
  • If I were to make a list of the important things in life the super bowl would not even make the list
The weather says we will get 5-8 inches of snow in the next 60 hr so we should once again have a fresh winter wonder land which is nice but what about spring??  I know it is only  February but can't God just hurry things along one time!   No, we do need winter for a time yet as I need more time to plant some flowers and veggies in the house.  I will try my hand at starting plants.  It will be fun----if they grow.  But I think some of the flowers need to be planted by mid February so I need to get a few things before I start.  It will be yet another "new" thing for me to try and see if it can be successful and fun and fruitful.
I did not get all the snow off the deck last snow fall and with more coming I need to do that this morning before the snow starts to fall again.  Back to work.

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Anonymous said...

They have to be 3 of the cutest young ladies I've seen in a long time. Of course my opionion may be a little slanted being their Great Aunt, emphasize Great!! I'm sure you're already wrapped around their little fingers and will remain firmly ensconsed!
We were interested in the Super Bowl and it was Super!! Mike's youngest daughter and husband live there. She called right after the game and they had already cancelled school today!! They don't even have snow! We have snow and it's snowing again today. Not sticking so it's pretty but no golf. I'm taking a lazy day.
Love, Helen