Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A milestone

Here is Gail and Cynthia in the summer of 1982.  You can also see Travis and Aaron in the back.  Gail has that ever loving smile.
I actually hit a huge milestone yesterday.  Gail's and my bedroom is almost half of the upstairs, in other words it is large.  It has a high full length closet on the north and a low full length closet on the south.  In length I would say that is 25+ feet of closet.  Well Gail used much of the closet space for many many of her things, project items and I will not even begin to list any of the things stored there!  Well yesterday I completely finished sorting, cleaning and putting the entire room in order.  Little by little by little things have been leaving for various locations and yesterday it came to a conclusion.  I am going to make one change in the dressers but that is it.  No more stepping over things, no more boxes to unpack and it is a good feeling.  Now that does not mean that ALL is in order up there.  I did take some items and they are in the sun room but that will get in order soon so I am not worried.  I should say that there are 2 boxes in the south closet that I need to sort through.  I now have only one of Gail's dresses left.  It is the dress that she and Lizzia had matching ones in Hawaii.  There is NO good formula for going through personal items of a spouse.  I mean everything from underwear to project items to things you usually do not talk about.  I still have some tissue left from the second box but many many tissue were needed.  There was such a temptation to save this or save that but really in the end I just knew that some things others could use and really why not?  Then we all know that many things we have are not of use to anyone else so those things needed to be cleared also.  The room is not totally void of Gail as there are things on the dresser tops that I need yet.  I need to see them, I need to read them, I just plain need them and perhaps always will.  However I know that the greatest treasures of Gail are in my heart forever and they can not break there, they can not fade, they can not get lost---they are like indelible ink on fine stationary-forever there.
I need to get a bite to eat and then I get to baby sit Audrey this morning.  I am amazed that I am still alive.  Each and every time I see those little granddaughters they steal my heart.  It does not make any difference if it is that smile, that little tiny "nothing" butt or just that little hug on the leg they just are totally irresistible.

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Connie said...

Wow, I miss the blog for a couple of days and I missed a lot. Congratulations on another beautiful, healthy, granddaughter. I know you will love her chubby cheeks as well as you do the rest of the grandchildren. Take a good whiff of that baby smell for me. It is irresistable.

At first I was so excited about you accomplishing the closest cleaning thing. That is MAJOR and you are right to feel great joy. I know for me I feel so much freedom when I am more free of "things." And being frugal, it is great consolation to know that others may use those things.

Now for perfect freedom in Christ!!