Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big brother--Little sister

Leo is on the left and Ruby is on the right.  I thought they looked a lot alike but as I look at these pictures I am not so sure now.
Not a lot of news today.  Sundays are always interesting.  It just seems that my mental approach to life and my attitude is different on Sundays and not really in a good way.  It still is a difficult thing to stay in church for the entire time.
I was able to spend the evening with Faustina last night and she is quite the gal.  She knows what she wants and she know how to get it.  She did not want to sleep in the crib upstairs.  I let her cry for a time but in the end I just said you win this time Fauster and I brought her down.  She fell asleep in my arms and as I looked down at her she certainly looked the part of one of God's baby angels.  After she had slept for a while I tried to put her down again but she cried and at that point I was not in a place to listen so down we went again and she fell asleep quickly in my arms.  I am not one to sit in a chair for a long period of time but there we sat, Faustina sleeping like an angel and grandpa thinking how blessed I am to have grandchildren and how much I miss grandma.
Another perfect day weather wise.  As I write it is 33 with sunny skies.  The moon the last few nights has been brilliant in the clear sky.  I have to admit that those kind of nights remind me of years gone by when Gail and I would enjoy that kind of evening.  Even as late as last summer there were some times we would sit on the deck and soak in God's unbelievable art work at night. 
The breakfast for the men yesterday morning went well.  The sausage, which was grass fed pork, was tasty as were the blueberry pancakes and eggs with garlic.  The White Rock coffee topped off with organic cream made the morning nice.  After we ate we had a wonderful prayer time and people left after about 3 1/2 hours.  As I read what I wrote it sounds like the focus was the food but really the most important part was the prayer time.
Each day for this coming week the temp is supposed to be a degree warmer until we hit near 40 by the end of the week.  I hope spring is here but I would not bet on it.  As I looked at my weather calendar I noticed that for most of March the record temps are well well below zero so I will not hold my breath for a warm bike ride for a while.
Yesterday I received calls from Joan and from Gail's brother Mark.  When a person thinks about long distance calls years ago and what they cost and then say really there is no cost today it is a shame most of us do not call more, even for a short visit.  I think each time I get a call I say to myself I will call more but really I do not follow through with that thought.
I did an old Gail/Carmen thing yesterday.  I did not prepare enough for the men coming so at the last minute I took everything off the buffet and table and put it in a box!!!!  Now I NEED to redo that so I don't forget some of those papers etc.  I THINK I am getting better but I am not sure about that.
I am going to take a walk this morning.  I think the fresh air will be great.

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