Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Presenting Ruby Gail Lee

Here is Ruby Gail.  I think she certainly looks like a keeper!!!  I will share more pictures at another time but wanted to get this out to everyone.  I have not talked to Aaron or Amy since the call yesterday morning but Cynthia stopped in on her way home yesterday.  It seems that all is well.  I do not know if they will come home today or tomorrow.  Am sure Grandma and Grandpa Larkin are there now. 
We received about 2 inches of fluffy wonderful snow yesterday and it looks like a winter wonder land outside.  This is really the first snow in about a month so we now look like Minnesota is supposed to look like in early February.
I will post more pictures later today or tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations, Lees.

Amy, Noah, & Becca Joy

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful little lady! Looking forward to hearing more about this little one.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mom would be so proud to know a great grand daughter is named after her. She very well could be rejoycing with Gail. Love Joan