Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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Here is our little cutie!!!!  As reported by proud Daddy Ruby Gail gave mom and dad 5 hours of uninterupted sleep last night and they will see what happens tonight!  They are now home and all is well.  Just like Gail is standing waving in one of the pictures at her prayer service here little Ruby Gail is saying hello to the world and all of her family and friends.  I KNOW that Great Grandma Ruby and Grandma Gail are so excited and rejoicing in heaven for Aaron/Amy and they will be praying up a storm for Ruby Gail daily.  She will be so blessed and we know she will get such good care at home from mommy and daddy.
A slow but peaceful day.  I so enjoyed shoveling the wonderful fluffy snow that I walked down a few houses and shoveled the front walk for a neighbor this morning.  I also had a victory this afternoon.  I realized that there may be somethings in the house that little monkeys should not get into so my plan was to put new door knobs on a closet so they could be locked.  Well I realized that the doors already had an old fashion locks on but I had no key.  So--I went downtown and bought 4 keys and presto one of them worked so I can now barriacade those little cutie monkeys out of my closet and I did not have to buy anything or change anything.  They have not gotten into the closet and actually I am not sure there is anything secret in there but I just felt better if it could be locked.  Thank you Lord.
Our Tuesday morning meditations were a God moment this morning.  It is just so good and should a blessing to be able to meet weekly with brothers in Christ to laugh, share, study scripture and come closer to Jesus as his friend which means one gets to know him better all the time.  Just like family or friends, the more time you spend together the less you know about them and the more you know them.  It is wonderful

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Anonymous said...

They are truely a beautiful family. What does Leo think about his new baby sister? I'm sure he'll be a big help in caring for her. She is so alert she'll soon be right there with Faustina and Audrey! Look out Carmen you're in for a fun ride!

Love, Helen