Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Sunday

Here is Jude at 8 months.  I often miss him in pictures as he is sometimes sleeping when I take them.
I had a really "UP" , perhaps the most  of any day for a long time.  It helped a lot that I was out on a walk early and got in about 4 miles.  The air was crisp, the river was calm and as the sun peeked over the skyline it was a totally wonderful sight.  That made the rest of the day.
My energy level was not the greatest but I kind of relaxed and enjoyed the day.  I hope and I pray that tomorrow is the same.  I NEED a few of those days to bolster my spirit and get me going.  It was refreshing to think positive thoughts, to enjoy the weather and to feel "good" again.  I am not implying that I never feel good but there is feel good and then feel good and today it was feel good.  I know it sounds crazy but it is what it is!!!!!
I had intended to get to bed early but here it is almost 11:30 and I am blogging.  I do not know where the time flies as I wanted to go on a bike ride, read some in the book, relax and the list goes on but yet it is past my bed time and many of those things I did not do.  Perhaps tomorrow. 
The up coming week is not crowded with events or meetings so I am looking forward to getting some woodworking done, some yard work done and house work done.  Sounds exciting.  Sometimes I wonder what is would be like to be bored.  Really I never want to know.  When I say that I think of my mother who did not get around much in her last years and I know at times she felt bored or not worth anything.  I feel pain when I think of that as she was such an important person in so many lives---it is just sad to think about that.  I pray that God grants me the insight, the energy and the chance to be important to him until I meet him.

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