Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grandpa's little dollies

My dollies came over to play yesterday. 
I spent MUCH money today.  Went to Linder's garden center and purchased 2 strawberry pots like Gail used to put out front so will do that again.  In addition to that I purchased something that will hold a bag up right when you are putting leaves etc in it.  Also some spray to try to get rid of creeping charlie.
This will be short as I want to get some things done before I leave for men's group tonight.  Also got a call from the car place and the bill there will be about $500 but my view on that is better than monthly payments so can live with that. 
Weather is cool (maybe normal) but really nice.  Trees are getting green and grass needs to be cut so work is on the way and I am thankful to keep busy.
I continue to do well this week.  Here it is Wed and I am feeling pretty good.  I need Gail here but life becomes a tiny tiny bit more normal each day as I continue in the infant stages of single life. The happy memories sometimes keep me going ahead.  Twice now this week I have driven on Grand Ave between Fairview and Snelling and that is where Gail did much of her census work. That location has become a big time trigger place so I may avoid it for a while.
To work.

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