Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life moves on

No picture today.  I looked back on my blog of April 28, 2009 and it had been the second week of no grandma and grandpa Thursday.  Don't know if we had any more or not.
Has already been an interesting day.  Got my walk in this morning early, like I left the house at 6:10.  Was back and ready to eat by 7:30.  I went to get some flowers for Gail's grave site.  They have marked where they will put in the foundation for the monument so that process has started.  I did not buy expensive flowers and when I had set them out I thought really Gail deserves better than that but I left them.  It is always surprising to me how many people one sees there.  As I was leaving I noticed a young gal, maybe 20 or so get out of her car and walk a short way to a grave site.  I noticed she was carrying a cup of coffee.  In my mirror as I looked back I saw her pour the coffee over the grave.  I thought gee don't they serve coffee in heaven??  Then I pictured the flowers I had left for Gail and I didn't say anymore!!!
On my way home I stopped and purchased some jeans that were on sale.  Part of the sale was also a free shirt.  So I paid $25 and got things valued at $55 so I thought I did well!!
The weather is just perfect.  When a person walks the sight and the smell of the trees is wonderful.
Cynthia and Faustina stopped by this morning. That was nice.  Like I said yesterday, those grand kids are the grandest thing ever.  Will meet Travis for breakfast tomorrow so that will be fun.
I am on my way outside to see if I can get some work don

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