Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Saturday

Looks like these guys are waiting to greet the risen Lord and maybe the easter bunny too!!!  From left to right: Aaron, John and Travis!!
It is now almost 8:45.  I have been to the bakery, the drug store, the grocery store and the cemetery.  I am ready to do some dishes and clean a bit.  I do not think I will go out and about any more today.  Actually I probably should not as my energy level is low but God's grace is with me this week and I will not celebrate by eat much until tomorrow.  The eating part has been very good.  I have thought much about our Lord's suffering, about Gail's suffering and spent time thinking about my walk with the Lord.  I need and I should take it deeper so that I can hear him more, feel him more and love him more.  I am excited for tomorrow and to experience the risen Christ in a new way.  I think I will feel it more than any other year.  Maybe that is because Gail is not with me and I miss her so much but I don't know. 
As I drove home from cemetery this morning the sight was almost breathtaking.  I drove over the highway 55 bridge and to my right I could see downtown St. Paul, to my left I could see downtown Minneapolis, almost straight ahead was Fort Snelling, I said Lord you are so glorious, you are so mighty, you are so loving thank you for everything and especially thank you for all of the wonderful years with Gail.
I did get an Easter egg coloring kit so I will color a dozen eggs this morning.  Nothing fancy just bright colored eggs to symbolize the bright light that Jesus is in my and our lives.
I must get to work but will sit down for a bit and read the paper.  I am not supposed to get the Saturday but it was at my door so will read it before I get busy.

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