Friday, April 2, 2010

Jesus died for our sins

I could use some of that wonderful ice cream right now.  I am not going to eat both those, one was for Gail!  This was taken in PEI.
I lucked out today.  I went to the compose pile to get some dirt.  I sifted about 50 gal of the VERY nice soil and just as I got into the truck the rain came.  I will use the soil for the flower beds.  That actually was work.
I dropped off a hot chocolate for our birthday boy, Liam.  He claims he is 5 so will go with that.  By biking the hot chocolate I got my bike ride in for the day.
After the compose pile I went to REI to get a dutch oven.  I got a camping one and am not sure I can use it in the oven.  I think I will as I don't want to have 2, one for in the house and one for camping.
I bought   10 red roses and placed them for Gail at Resurrection.  I took out all the stakes that held the cover which protected the new grass.  I think I may go out tomorrow and do a little work with the sod etc.  There were many people out there, I would say maybe a couple of dozen. 
I think I have all that I need for Sunday.  Well I don't have Gail and I need her most of all but will have to get by without her for now.  I of course am talking about her physical presence. 
The smell of the rain is so fresh but I forgot to take my white clothes in so now they are wet!  We could use much rain and got a tiny bit. 
Received the invitation to Abby and Ryan's reception today.  It came on a 2 sided card which is nice.  The reception is June 5, I do not remember when or where the wedding is.  I know it is one of these destination things but can't remember the place.
I am still holding on to my semifast.  I am not doing great today but have not eaten anything out of the plan is I am thankful for that.  I do think about our Lord more and am much more mindful of the suffering Jesus did for us.  It does not give me any idea of the cross but I doubt anything could.
These last few days have been somewhat slow and I am thankful for that.  It helps me be more mindful of our Lord when my schedule is not so full.

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