Thursday, April 1, 2010

A new beginning

Just a quickie.  Today as I ran some errands, drove to Sam's Club, stopped at Betina's and just did many things I noticed something different.  I felt kind of normal, kind of myself, kind of like I was going about doing what a normal person should/would do.  I did these things with a song on my lips sometimes but I know my heart was heavy.  I think God will help me with that as more time passes, thank you God.  I had not planned to go to Gail's grave site but I stopped there on my way to Eagan and it was good.  It was peaceful, it was quiet, there was a grace that seemed to surround Gail's grave.  I picked up the covering they put on the ground when they plant grass and underneath was fresh green grass.  I said, maybe, just maybe I will experience a fresh beginning as time passes.  Well I would say I expect that because God is so loving, so good and so faithful.

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michael said...

Dad, When we saw you yesterday and we were laughing about April fools stuff or whatever you did SEEM like yourself; I haven't heard that 'belly' laugh of yours as much since we lost Mom....but you had it again yesterday...!