Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Which way should I look?

There I am with my grandma/grandpa Lee.  I loved to spend time with them.  Grandma always had cookies and was so nice and grandpa had this laugh that seemed to come from his toes and rumbled up through his body and when it came out his mouth it seemed to roar.  I loved it when he laughed and I also remember his hands seemed like big shovels.
I have a dr appt this morning at 8:00.  As one approaches mid life!!!----strange things happen.  I have this small growth on my ear that hurts.  My dr looked at it 4 months ago and said I should see a specialist but he was not concerned so should be OK.  I am a bit concerned that when they examine me they may not find anything any place!!!
Cyn/Mike came over last night and we watched the whole BB game.  It would have been nice if the underdog could have won but no luck.  I think that is the first whole game I have watched of any sport in a long long time. It was a great game and fun to watch.
I got Liam's birthday bookcase to him last night and also finished fixing Faustina's toy so I did get something done yesterday but it is strange.  Since yesterday morning I have had this goofy knot in my stomach.  It is still there this morning.  When I see the dr I hope my blood pressure is not out of control.  Maybe I should take triple my dose of BP meds before I go and then my blood would be so thin it would be normal.  Just kidding but---
Not much planned today but will spent most of the time in the shop when I get home.  The weather turned back to normal April weather so it is not real warm out.


Anonymous said...

If you watched the Duke game, it was a great game and sorry but the right team won!! I even watched the whole game as it ticked off to the last second. We're definitely Duke fans!

michael said...

Jude is your little protege. We might as well call him 'little Carmen'. -cynthia

Anonymous said...

Great pic of Grandma and Grandpa. He was my favorite and Grandma was Gayle's. I remember him well and still think of him often. The laugh was memorable. Dad had one of those laughs as well.