Saturday, April 17, 2010

A repeat??

I may have used this picture in the past.  For many months I had it as a screen saver on my computer.  It was taken a year ago, April 20.  She was in the middle of doing some work for the census.  She took it so serious and of course did a great job.
Today I got tired and didn't really do much.  I did power thatch some of my front yard and the power was ME so maybe that is why I got tired.  Also transplanted some tomato plants into bigger pots that I started.  I just read it and I started the plants, not the pots!!  Also made a cover for the sand box so I did get a bit done but not enough. 
That is it!!!  Oh, I missed Gail so much but you did know that. 
I made the comment to Cynthia that this learning to live without Gail is hard.  She asked me if I thought it would get harder and I said no, I expect that it will be a piece of cake in 10 years.  Of course I was joking and the fact that I can joke maybe is a good sign.

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