Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Could anyone be more happy??

Here are Audrey and Faustina.  They are fast becoming quite the dual mischief makers!!  They appear to whisper in each others ear when they hug what they should do next.  I am becoming increasing aware that grandpa can try hard but I will be NO match for those two.  Here Faustina is trying to sit in the coffee table after grandpa laid her in it and then realized it was a bad move!!  Now it seems like Audrey thinks the whole thing is a big joke.
I realized today that I have a problem.  I know for people who happen to read this they said da, what is new Carmen.  Well my problem is different than many!   For anyone who is married they know that there are things that you talk to your spouse about or talk in a certain way that is much different than you do to anyone else.  So now you know my problem.  I have many many people to talk to BUT they are not Gail and they don't take her place (I know they would not want to also).  I can talk to my children, I can talk to friends, I can talk to neighbors and that is good but I can't talk in the same way or about some of the same things that Gail and I engaged in.  Now you know, maybe!!  Anyway I found over the last few weeks that there is a void in my life that perhaps can not and never will be filled.  So I think I need to learn how to think in a different way or something.  As I read what I just wrote I am not sure it makes total sense but since when did I make total sense?
I have been going different places and doing different things today.  When I am finished here I will go out into the shop for a period of time.  Will D, here your register comes, soon.
Enjoyed the kids over last night.  We finished the cream potatoes, finished much of the ham, finished the wine and made a dent in the MM's so that was good.  I warmed the ham and potatoes in the dutch oven for 2 hours and it worked great!
My face is amazing how fast it is healing.  I have the band aid off today but will put it back on when I go into the shop.  I would say I already look much better, I know it is hard to believe.  I was wondering if the top of my ear would have a little canel that I could put a pencil in but it seems like it may heal to look normal.
Word in the Lee family is that baby sister Helen, who has a birthday in late summer, will get a new REAL C car.  I have not talked to her, only her older sister, so I am not sure but I will have to confirm with Helen soon.  All I know is if that is true it had better be fire engine red.
Tomorrow for the picture I am going to show living proof how impressionable young kids are with a picture of Faustina copying her mother, it is absolutely a stitch.

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Anonymous said...

I understand you completely, which is probably a scary thing for me to realize! And I am not getting a new car. If I did it would be another Miata but mine isn't at 40,000yet! When I grow up I'll get a big girl car! And it will still be fire engine red. I have another name for that but I'll save it. My golf clubs and I fit nicely in that car. Helen