Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A year of change

Ever have that pent up feeling?  Try thinking and acting out of the box (cage). 
I went back and read my blog from 09.  We had gotten snow last night, Gail and I had signed up to work at the fair grounds, Gail had been called to work with the census and we were about to embark on growing wheat grass.  What a change 12 months can mean.
Went to the Dr this morning.  I asked her to fix my broken heart and she said she couldn't but time will!  No actually had had her slice and dice some of my face!!  Had a mole removed to be sure it is not rotten and also a bit of my left ear to be sure that is OK.  The freezing hurt and I thought she left the room to get tools and she was done!!  Came home to this empty house, nobody to feel sorry for me, nobody to change the band aide twice a day and no one to kiss it to make it better!!  Oh for the good old days that will never return!  I will get the results in a couple of weeks but not to worry, the face will be fine and it will soon return to it's normal configuration of "what happened to that guy"!!!!  I think I may take it a bit easy the rest of the day.  When there is nobody to baby me perhaps I need to baby myself by curling up with a book and taking a bit of a nap.  Really as the face thaws out there is some pain and itch.  Maybe I should treat myself to a special treat of some kind. 
Enjoyed John, Liam and Audrey over this morning.  Henry was in school.  They picked up some clamps to put Liam's bookcase together so they may do that soon.
I am wondering if people do crazy things sometimes?  I am finding that without Gail at this time my mind just does not work perfect. (as if it ever did!)
Will have some of the kids over tonight to try and finish off some of the left over ham and potatoes.  I hope there are enough potatoes as I know there is enough ham.  For dessert we will try to get some of those peanut MM finished.  I like left overs in a big way, in fact in such a big way that they stick around forever, that is around the waist.
I had a dream last night that Gail was alive and then I woke up to reality.  What a bummer.  I am finding that this week after Easter Sunday is a lonely one without my Gail.  I find that as time marches on I don't think of her so much when I do the dishes or pick up the house or wash the clothes but rather I think of her more when I need her hand, or her hug or her kiss or her smile or her words of encouragement and things like that.  As I think back I tend to think we agreed on everything which of course is about as truthful as saying I have a million dollars in the bank.
I have said enough.  I need to relax, rest, baby myself and feel sorry for my face and ear!  I thought about taking my picture and posting it but thought I may save that for October.  Oh no, here comes a little pain, I need a treat.

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Anonymous said...

I'll give you 4 PB's (Poor Baby) and then you're on your own! Just make sure you're not out in public scaring small children! I'm sure you'll heal just fine, who knows it may make you just a little more handsome. Just make sure to take care to heal them up.