Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A day of fun and adventure

It was a fun day.  I picked up Leo at 8:30 and we came home.  Spent our morning watching cartoons, reading books, playing with toys and playing in the sand box.  Then it was off to get Liam and Henry and to Chucky cheese for lunch.  Spent an hour and a half eating pizzia, drinking pop, spending 40 coins and having a lot of fun.  I would say that kind of place is not a favorite for grandpa but the boys had fun. Then came home and spent a little down time watching cartoons before Amy came about 4:30.  I found out that to keep track of 3 young men, make sure they get their drinks and eats, take pictures, get in bathroom breaks etc is more than a full time job for this grandpa but it certainly was an honor to spend that time with them and a fun time.  Henry plays the part of the oldest cousin, Liam plays the part of the goofy guy and Leo also plays the goofy part!!!
Had our early mens' group which consisted of pheasant in a wild rice dish, deer sausage and a deer roast.  The food was good and the conversation was fun.
That is my day.  I will not comment much on the "14" tonight.  I did have my moments throughout the day but generally things went well.  The adjustment one has to go through in transiting from married to single life is at times difficult to say it mildly.  I have never lost an arm or leg or something like that but I would say perhaps learning to live after the love of your life is gone may be kind of like learning to live without a limb except in the lose of life maybe the emotional part is much much greater in a different way.  As I say that I also say how would I know so my words may mean less than they are meant to mean.
Tomorrow morning is a 7:00 AM breakfast and then about 18 people here for dinner to celebrate 2 birthdays and then the day will end tomorrow with a 7:30 meeting.  I may plan to sleep in on Friday!!!!
Life is indeed full.

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Anonymous said...

My my my, Grandpa got a good workout today! Sounds like my kinda day. Pizza and games and be able to act like a kid again and everyone that sees you would be saying "what a good Grandpa"! You need more activity like that to keep you young! Glad you had a good time.