Thursday, April 8, 2010

How about that!!

Here is Faustina doing just what mommy does.  With baby in hand she lifted up her shirt and then fed the baby just like mommy feeds Jude.  That was so so funny.  Kids do the darnest things could not be more true!
I have a pretty free day except for a meeting tonight.  Had intended to drive over to Will D this morning but he must not be home so will leave that for another day. 
As I woke up this morning I actually turned on the heat a bit.  Temp was down to 33!  Now when I looked at the weather calendar that is right on for normal so should not be surprised.  I kind of wimmped out because I was going to take a walk this morning but decided to wait till it warms up a bit.  Certainly can walk when it is 33 but why not wait till it is nice?
Sister Helen informed me there is no new car on the horzion and if/when she grows up she may get a bigger one.  My take on that is if you have a BIG birthday coming up and you still are not grown up--when?  :) :)   Just so you know I just learned how to do those little do hickys so I now often try them, don't really know what they mean.
I am feeling a lot of pressure from family.  I started a BB bracket thing and the loser needs to make breakfast for all on our family camp out in July.  Well I scored 66 which is almost as bad as you can get.  By the second round there were still 16 winners and I only had FOUR.  Well I think it is i for that breakfast (really it should be Cynthia as she may have cheated but she is in denial of course) and I just can not think of anything that is easy and cheap---don't really care if is is good or not!!!!  Want to think of some thing I can put in my fancy dutch oven, put coals under and on top and then have fun with the grand kids as it cooks.  It would also be nice if I could find something where there would be NO dirty dishes.  Maybe smores with a roasted blueberry on the end cause smore sticks don't have to be washed much and each person can prepare their own.  That dutch oven is hard to clean and it's heavy, I may not be able to lift it in 20 years.
I still find myself looking back many days at what were Gail and I doing a year ago.  Often I think what will my thought process be after September 14th of this year???  Again yesterday I took a step back in my thoughts and said to myself, is this really me, am I really alone, is Gail really gone?  Then I thought of ALL the things that should/could be done and I said can/will I get to all those things.  I think my thoughts were those as I hung out the bed linen.  I do need to make that bed this morning as a guy will be coming today, I think, and staying a few days.  Nothing like having linens on the bed!!!!  I should really have a 2 hours course or something on that darn washing machine.  It has more buttons than a 747.  At this time all I do is pour some liquid soap in a little tray, put the clothes in and push a couple of buttons.  I don't know why I push the buttons I do but when I take the clothes off the line they smell nice and seem to be clean and in the same color as when they went into the wash.  Really, I may be really good at this wash thing and don't give myself enough credit.  As I write that it confirms in my mind that reading directions is only necessary if you goof up.  Now I know Gail had a different approach but I am different.
I should really go.  I need to put my pants on (bib overalls) and get to work, cold or no cold.

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michael said...

I usually try to keep more clothes on Jude and little less exposed...! cynthia