Thursday, April 22, 2010


Am continuing to have difficulties with internet so don't know if this will post.  Will make it short.
For the next 3 days I will be working 6 AM-6 PM at the fair grounds.  Will get nothing else done I am sure.
Did some yard work today.  I actually got a lot done and realized that perhaps I can do the yard alone but now for me the question is will it be fun.  We will see.  I truely missed Gail today.  No stop for a water break, no wow that sure looks nice honey, no sitting for a rest and talking.  It will get better I know but it was a bit difficult today.  I did get a 4 1/2 mile walk in and that was good but for the next 3 days will not get that in.
I am going to try sleeping with the window open tonight.  First time for a long time. 
I will stop and see if I can post this.  I need to call Quest but have not taken the time yet.

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