Thursday, April 1, 2010

A whole new world

No picture for this sharing.  I visited mother's grave site this afternoon.  It is so different now that there is no snow and the temp is fairly warm.  I met a mother there who lost her 18 year old daughter 2 1/2 yr ago.  I said hello and we talked for a short time.  She said that relatives who have loved ones in that section kind of get to know each other and support one another.  She said her daughter had been in college for 2 weeks at Luther College in Iowa.  She was driving home for something and another car hit her and she died.  I thought of Gail and how terribly devastated she would have been if that had happened to any of her children but perhaps the worst would have been to have lost her only daughter.  Now I don't know if this mother had other daughters but anyway it struck me.  As I just shared a little bit the first thing she shared was how blessed I was to have been with Gail the last months, weeks, days and hours of her life.  I just thought Lord this is a whole different world that I am in now, wow.
I was low on energy today.  I did go help Will D for 2+ hours cut down trees, drove to Twin City Refuse with a load of junk and went to Betina's to see what handy man things she needs done.  In between those things I took a 30 min nap.  Oh, I also got a small load of white clothes on the line. 
After this I think I will listen to some music and try to go to bed early.  I still have not eaten any extra food this week and for that I am so thankful.  I would say that Sam's Club is not the place to go when you haven't eaten much!!!!  I stopped there on my way to Betina's and my goodness the experience was painful but I was amazed that I held up and did not eat or buy anything extra!!  Thank you Lord.
Tomorrow is already Good Friday, Easter Sunday is close, thank you Lord.

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