Thursday, April 1, 2010


I went to bed early, about 10:30 then woke up around mid-night and could not get back to sleep. Thought I would blog as I have had some things on my mind for the last couple of weeks.
I have thought much about what I am going to say.  I thought perhaps it would be best unsaid at this time but I have been transparent in many cases so why not now!
I have been taking Wallace for walks along the river for the last month or so.   About three weeks ago I saw this dog that looked like a labradoodle.  About the third day I saw it I just had to stop and ask the lady if it was.  She said it was and it (Bennie) was the most wonderful dog.  That was it and I went on my way.  I would say that I have seen her most days as I walk Wallace and now we always stop to chat.   Anyway, not to be too long here but she is really nice.  It turns out she lives on Pinehurst in the Highland area and she lost her husband about 2 years ago.  She is retired from 3M and lives alone.  I went on a bike ride Tuesday night and she was working in her yard so I stopped and talked for a bit.  Her house looks really nice.  She enjoys knitting, she volunteers at several places, she travels a lot and also helps with her grandchildren some. Does not sound like she is into her church much.
I don't know, she seems almost too nice to be real and I am asking myself what should I do now??  She did ask me if I was interested in coming over for coffee some afternoon.  I said I would have to check what I had going on but that I would get back to her.  I have not called her yet because I am not sure what I should do.  It would be fun to get to know her better and of course  it is always nice to be with people.  I actually did not know that about myself but have found that I don't like to be alone.  I thought about asking the kids what they thought and then I said to myself here I go acting in the same way as when Gail was here.  I ALWAYS asked her before I did anything but I really don't think the kids are in that place in my life so...

April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you believe??????
I hope my little story does not offend anyone.  I feel that being almost 8 months beyond LWG (life with Gail) I need to insert some humor in my life.  I have met the same number of women the last several months as the number of million dollar checks I have waiting to be cashed!!!!!   Have a great April Fools Day and make sure you're not the Fool but rather the Fooler.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure ya' don't have a bit o' the Irish in ya' now Carmen? I sense a bit o' the blarney in ye now!
Good one had me hooked. :)

Anonymous said...

Carmen -
I couldn't stop giggling because I thought you were talking about Wallace meeting a nice lady dog..

Tom Bowar said...

Carmen, you really had me going there...